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Superhero Cheesecake

Trouble waking up in the morning because you hate your current job? Are you a superstar developer? Do you love creating high-end digital stuff that wins awards and eats mediocrity for breakfast? Pick up that phone because otherwise we will never meet and your life will continue to suck.

Developer Intern

Developer Intern

We are looking for an awesome developer intern! No, there’s no need to bake cheesecakes. Although if you can it would definitely be a plus. We’re looking for someone with a solid base of technical knowledge in Flash/Actionscript and HTML/CSS and/or PHP/MySQL and is interested in learning new things.


We might have your dream job!

Don't see a perfect job opening for you? You're always welcome to contact us if you think we desperately need you!


Freelance developer/designer?

If you're a freelance (web/flash/mobile) developer or designer and we haven't worked with you before, but you think we should. Then please drop us a line and introduce yourself.

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Do you want to visit our brand spanking new office in Amsterdam? Don’t hesitate.
Do you want to come over and have a beer? Please do so. Even better, just contact us and maybe we will be creating your upcoming digital project and drizzle awesomesauce all over it.

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